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Riva Florida

This was quite a project from the outset. It looked like a Riva Florida; there were certainly Riva fittings and Riva components (boat #179 and boat #19) and it looked like a Florida but there was something that wasn't quite right. The boat was certainly built on the shores of Sarnico, Italy. Riva records indicated that the beam should have been 100mm less and the LOA 100mm more. This boat may have been in a prang as there was a flat spot midships and the replacement transom may have been fitted forward to cover plank damage.
It still remains a mystery, but owner John Hearst wanted this little boat restored along the lines of an original Riva Florida. So that is exactly what we did. With her new laminated bottom, new decking and engine bay, a refurbished motor and electrics she now looks and drives a treat.