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Specializing in the restoration and building of fine craft.

Sabre Class Dinghy

Gaboon Ply Kit Sabre

$90.00 must be paid to the Sabre Association of Australia for your Sail Number, Building Notes and a 12 month Association subscription. Go to SSAA website. We can then supply you with either a kit or a completed boat.

HULL AND DECK: All gaboon marine plywood construction with one selfbailer & all chainplates fitted. Two pack colour on hull with varnished transom and deck. $8.500.00

PLY KIT: 5 Sheets 4mm Gaboon Marine ply custom made for us to a specific weight. Pre cut components with some tweaks marked on panels to spark it up a little, 12mm or 9mm Gaboon Marine ply rudder cheeks. $720.00

TIMBER KIT: All Cedar & Hardwood trims required to build a boat. $450.00 Optional Laminated Timber kit an extra $340.00 which includes laminated Thwart, Keel and Transom timbers.

FOILS: Laminated blanks: Rudder $120.00, Centreboard $160.00. Foils laminated, shaped, glassed and varnished: Rudder $520.00 centreboard $620.00

GLUE & FASTENING Kit: All epoxy, fiberglass cloth and tape, fastenings and sundries including brushes, wire, gloves, glue and fairing powders and a booklet on how to use epoxy glues. $450.00

Spars, sail, rigging and fitting packages available on request. POA