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Specializing in the restoration and building of fine craft.


Mould for the new FRP foam core Minnow for the Vic Association

Some years ago our business custom built a timber/plywood Minnow for an aspiring champion. That boat, 'Crackerjack' went on to win the National Championships and then was sold on to future aspiring champions.

The crew at fhboats.com.au have both before and since been heavily involved in Minnow repair and construction, owing partly to the fact that the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club junior program uses Minnows as it's preferred junior single handing training boat.

After lengthy discussion with the Victorian Minnow Sailing Association it was decided that our business would diversify into the building of a new foam sandwich GRP Minnow with a plug boat built replicating the proven Griffin hull shape. This new boat is only available for purchase through the VMSA but we are happy to discuss any custom options for your aspiring champions next step in the wonderful world of Minnow sailing.